Thursday, March 15, 2012

Being ignored

Anyone who has worked as a greeter or as security or in some way that puts one in the position of talking to folks newly arrived at a location probably knows that a lot of ignoring happens. Such has been the lot at the Isle of Lesbos for the many years I've stood, sat, or danced (or done other things *blush*) at the region entrance. My usual "Welcome to Lesbos, [name here]!" and a wave is ignored more often than not. In fact, quite a few girls pop in, stand for a moment, and leave, without any indication that they've actually been to the Isle.

Caitlin O'Poultry of Galway waiting to be ignored at Lesbos. At least the cat talks to me.
Just tonight, though, a thought occurred to me ... "What if someone is replying, but in Voice, and hasn't noticed that I don't have the Ghostly Dot of Verbosity over my head?" A girl had popped in and immediately started to wander about so I guessed she had a pulse and an un-interrupted Interwebs connection. When I greeted her she did stop and turn her avatar toward me, reasonably obvious sign she knew I had "said" something. But then nothing. No typing animation, no Instant Message, no chat text for a couple minutes before she walked a hundred or so meters to the beach and left the region.

/me sighs and wonders if she should leave Voice on though she doesn't use it 99.9% of the time, even in large groups such as the Isle's wonderful events.

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