Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random SL Thoughts

While watching the new Mupppet movie (Web) I thought I'd grab my iPad and add some random SL thoughts to my blog:

It was nice to see how many people dressed appropriately for the setting while visiting the new Premium Wilderness regions. My outfit was from my collection of tropical BINA Tende cloth sets. Many folks were in khaki with pith helmets, medieval garb, or even military camo.

While zipping about with my temporary alt Yclept, the one I used to visit the new Destination Islands, my avatar was taken to a different Infohub each time each time I hit the Home button, up to about 10 or so total.

There seems to be a fan group for Linden Moles in-world but it looks to be "dead" and I want to start my own anyway. After all, I am a member of the Molly Linden fan club. I should look to see if Michael Linden has a fan club.

Not all the Infohubs were labeled as such, such as Korea1 and Korea3. These two regions made me think that a shrinking world population might be best accompanied by a shrinking land area. Almost all the buildings were hollow, though ready to accept stores or apartment dwellers. With so many empty spaces on Mainland and all the emptiness like I saw in the Koreas, it might be more efficient and more economical to condense spaces and bring people together. The World can always expand later.

The other night my wife and I were exploring an Estate region that appeared to have had no visitors in quite some time despite the startling beauty we found. I'll feature it in a post sometime this week because anyone interested in abstract architecture and amazing — buildscapes, for lack of a better word — and a mystery/quest that I need to explore further. I wonder how folks can afford a region that generates no income. I guess having an RL income helps. It sucks to be poor.

I've been trying for a couple days to get Shared Media on a prim to work without any success. There was a time I could get it to work and even successfully used it at a Second Life Birthday exhibit.

When the heck are they going to announce a theme for the next Birthday anyway? I wanna build! NOW!

Here is a random SL pic from my archives since I can't really make a blog post without a picture (I'm just that way, I guess):

You aren't seeing double. Angela (right) and I are trying the same demo hair. She's much cuter, of course.

Today, my brother found that the Hatton-Jergans Trench (SLurl) is 80m below sea level, possibly making it the deepest submerged point in Second Life. Take that, James Cameron! Well, it is possible to go deeper, actually, but neither of us have see it that we can recall.

CC also found an amazing number (12?) of identical avatars simply standing around on the sea bed in several of the surrounding sims. What do folks us bots for these days?

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