Monday, March 5, 2012

Zyx's Road Trip: Day Six

Technical problems, offline regions, and some frights made Zyx Flux's 6th day on the road rather trying, it seems, but she and her pack snail, Shelly, soldiered on and took in some interesting sights. Here's her report:

Shelly and I left Smaug (SLurl) after good breakfast with the elves and a morning workout in the garden, heading Southwest on Route 9 into Granmyr and Quetzal. Nothing exciting there, but more structures showed up when we entered Malchior (SLurl). It wasn't until arriving in Gorynych (SLurl; profile feed), though, that the first of the ubiquitous purple crystals showed up. Shelly wanted Second Breakfast so we stopped and I wrote to the crystal maker, Plexore Lumiere, sending the message off by speedy dragonfly. I thanked him for helping make this road trip fun by sharing his crystals and asked if he put them out for fun or for part of a large art project. If I get a reply I'll post the information here or in my Profile Feed.

Mostly the trip so far has been billboards, empty land, screened properties, and landmark auto-givers, before coming across the second crystal of the day in Piserchia (SLurl). There is a small lake in Foyle Gully (Slurl) with some furniture just floating in place and a really, really cool temple-like structure. I don't know how the furniture is just hanging there, but by the looks of the structure (made by the super-talented Elicio Ember), there must be some magics at work. Shelly was skittish just looking so we moved on. She got scared again at the intersection of Route 9 and West Coast Road in Dewey (SLurl) when she saw dragon statues at a Halloween store. She moved so fast I didn't even get a picture.

When Shelly finally slowed down we were in Strata (SLurl) and she needed a rest, so I pulled her over and decided to stretch my wings while she snoozed on the road side. I saw a distant city to the West and decided to check it out, but it turned out to be very near and miniature, only making it look far away. I quickly went back to get Shelly, struggling to fly her there, but it was worth it. We rode about "United States of America USA ($) (USD) Calling Code 001 / +1", terrorizing the town. Even the miniature tanks weren't enough to fend off our assault. We had a grand time, but eventually we had to get back on the road. The radio reports of down regions all around us made us want to get moving.

The citizens have fled in terror before the might of the giant snail and pixy.

The filling station should make for a satisfying explosion ...
In Reverie, one of the regions that was reported as down, we found Gion Higashi (SLurl), a beautiful Japanese home with gardens. I didn't understand all the paths being badly textured Zen gardens, but on the whole it is a very pleasant place to visit. Not far down the road to the South is another rez zone so you can rez your own vehicles and in intersection with The Moleway (SLurl), a little road extension into the Exxilon region that has some abandoned land I'm really tempted to buy.

A few regions ahead were offline, but that wasn't a hardship because in Zeds Pitch, Shelly and I found Jasmine's Hollow (SLurl), a fabulous little natural park just filled to the brim with flowers, trees, and grasses. Before bedding down for the night in a hollow log, Shelly and I chased butterflies in the meadow, bathed in the pond, and danced in the waning sunbeams. This place is quite stunning and I'm really tempted to put it in my Profile Picks.

The meadow is rampant with flowers and lush grasses, more than enough to keep the roaming deer happy.

I love this little cottage. Its for "biggies," but it's almost a good size for a petite pixy like me.

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