Thursday, March 22, 2012

Received Items Folder is Live!

Zip over to the Second Life Marketplace to get the free Linden bear pictured above and test out the new Received Items folder in your Inventory. Yes, they warned us it was coming. And until all the merchants get on board, some boxes will still show up in the Objects folder. Here are my screen grabs while using the Exodus viewer, but testing with the Official Viewer yielded the same results:

From the Inventory view, if you click the large Received Items "button" (shown in the last picture below), you'll see the area expand as shown. Things cannot be dragged from other folders into Received Items. Instead of an object showing up, a folder representing my purchase appeared, saving me the trouble of unpacking a box. Note that things purchased in-world will not appear here. Also, if you like to have a boxed copy of purchases for back-up storage, you will now have to box them  yourselves, unless a merchant chooses to send a boxed purchase in a folder.

Note the "New" indicator and that a Received Items folder is not visible in the main Inventory tree structure.  Also, you cannot drag things from one folder to another within the Received Items pane but you can drag things from Received Items to other folders. Until now, I would put all the incoming goodies in my Objects: Sort folder if I didn't open and sort them right away. This could save me a step or two, but to reiterate: It only works with Marketplace purchases.

A Received Items folder only shows when the Recent tab is selected.

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