Friday, March 30, 2012

Real Life on Paper

As someone who relies on her iPad (and iPod Touch) to communicate in Real Life, I check out each and every "notebook" app available so when the free app Paper came out yesterday, I was on it like a diacritical on an î (that's the little mark above the letter ... this is humor; pay attention, please).

Wow, this is a nice bit of software. When I can't use Proloquo2Go to speak – like when it is too noisy – I need to write out my thoughts. Or sometimes a sketch is better at getting things across. I can also keep complete thoughts ready to show in a hurry – "Combo #2 Medium No Onion No Tomato Dr Pepper Thanks."

Actual Screen Cap from Paper and I can't wait to use it at Wendy's.

Now I'm debating on spending $8.00 on the extra tools, but since I've deleted the Moleskine app and I'm re-evaluating the others for contented use, I think I might have to spend the money.

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