Monday, March 26, 2012

First Prim in History & Deja Visit

I've been zipping around Second Life, casually, just looking at things on the Damaged/Non Working Linden Content Locations list for the fun of it (yah ... I need a Third Life, really) and today I came across a unique museum in Shermerville and the First Prim in History (SLurl). Really.

Not really the first prim in Second Life, but you should go listen to it. Yes, listen.
Right. I was a bit disappointed yet still amused. I thought it might really have been Second Life's first prim considering that the region is pretty much all Linden property. Shermerville (and it's related sims) is a very "ideal" suburban Amercian-style community quite evocative of the 50s-60s, though you will find some shops and a few interesting things such as the museum and some very fun bouncy mushrooms (SLurl). A few of SL's more famous Residents have homes in this rather peaceful place. I won't drop names, but I'm fortunate enough to have one on my Friend list. You'll also find the Church of the Mac (SLurl), another museum that  has lots of funny pictures that even non-Apple computer users might enjoy.

What? Only one picture?? Even with all the things you saw???

Well, I wasn't very energetic today having spent a grueling day out of the house pushing a wheelchair and lugging things only to face two loads of laundry when I got home ... and no nap. Maybe I'm a bit punch-drunk from lack of sleep, though, because Shermerville reminds me of something I keep experiencing in Second Life ... deja visit.

How many times have you visited a place (usually on Mainland) and looked around only to realize "I've been at a another location very near by!"? Like the first time I visited the Church of Mac I realized that my friend's house was just around the corner. Or even today when I visited the Shermerville Park because of the Linden content list it took a wee bit of flying around to notice the church and my friend's house ... and recognize the park from a visit in or about my earliest days in-world. Deja Visit! I find it interesting how often we think of the world as big yet we keep coming across the same places.

One day I was at another friend's shop and I took a look on the map out of curiosity to see how far away my home was from there ... a 5 minute flight. We were practically neighbors. And I recognized several spots on the flight home. Deja Visit!

So maybe I shouldn't post pictures at all any more. You should go see all the places I write about and have your own Deja Vista experiences. And you can have them at my place if I can raise L$ 45848 (some $185USD) I can buy a 512m2 lot I found in the community.

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