Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Route 7 in Putnam

My inbox this morning was filled with emails from Zyx Flux, Pixy Gardner and Amateur Explorer, each with different ideas for road trips she wants me to sponsor. One email had a complete report ... "Here's a freebie," she wrote, "to remind you about my writing and I hope you see your way to financing further expeditions." So without further ado, here is her report on construction Route 7 in Putnam (SLurl).

The Linden Moles are as busy as beavers in Putnam, rebuilding the intersection of Route 7 and Route 7B. No one was around to ask, but I'm guessing that they are going to add amenities to the Rez Zone and improve safety features.

With all the empty land I'm sure the Moles don't have to worry about property damage if cars go off the road, but it is heartening to see that they followed proper procedures for setting up the construction zone with one exception: No Flag Mole to regulate the suddenly one lane traffic.

At least the Hover Barrels are clean and in good condition.

The Moles face a few challenges, though as the pavement is a bit soft even without being set to Phantom.
No doubt that Zyx loves exploring and finds interesting places, so I guess I should review some of her suggestions and toss a few assignments her way. That should, at least, let me have some material on hand so I can avoid days like yesterday when I had no blog posts at all. If you have any exploration ideas for Zyx, leave them in Comments and I'll forward them along.


Yordie Sands said...

Geez... I hate it when the Moles leave those phantom roadways. I can't recall that any of them have ever been fixed.

Uccello Poultry said...

Maybe if we think of them as a "feature" ...