Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zyx's Road Trip: Day Five

Zyx Flux, my wee pixy friend, is on a road trip to travel the length of Route 9 on the Second Life mainland. On Day 5 she really racked up the miles, as you can see on this map:

Here's here report:

Left the petting zoo (SLurl) after a good night's sleep and moved south-by-southwest on Route 9 to immediately find two more shops for Outy's particles and scripts (SLurl) and another giant purple crystal. What was more impressive, though, was an amazing techno-medieval-fantasy-goth complex in Giyeok behind one of the shops. It was behind a ban line so we turned around and went across the road to a re-creation of Egypt behind the other Outy's shop.

Entrance to the amazing techno-medieval-fantasy-goth "thing" I found.

Part of Egypt, inside a giant box. There is a wonderful house with pool, some bedouin tents, lots of camels, and even more sand. Shelly, my pack snail spent most of her time at the pool so she wouldn't dry out.

Pretty landscape in Kenfield and a vehicle rez zone rest stop (SLurl) just before a bridge with a great view of the the ocean to the West. We stopped mid-way across the bridge and I could just barely make out something under the water's surface, below a salvage buoy, so I tethered Shelly, my pack snail, to the railing and spun some pixy magic to make an air bubble to wear while I checked out what I saw. It turned out be a derelict submarine, sunk to the seabed and decaying. Some sort of green haze was spewing from the side and I can guess from the size of the enormous jellyfish nearby that it was somehow nutrient-rich. Because of the fierce creatures I didn't stay to investigate long, but I was able to nick some coins from a treasure chest I found.

I have to wonder if the Linden Moles were building a Navy to invade the private estates and bring them into the Mainland.

Lovely sunrise over the bridge. This is from the overlook on the Western end, above a small beach.

After relaxing on a little beach and enjoying a scenic overlook, Shelly and I decided to just put on a few miles, enjoying the sites but not stopping. The journey has been taking too long and we both miss our homes. We did see some beautiful buildings, though, including a fabulous castle (behind ban lines, naturally) and some pretty private homes with gardens and courtyards. We came across the other end of Route 10 and stopped for a rest and a debate about how much time it would have saved us by taking that road instead. We concluded that the only way to know was to try it sometime then we laughed at the absurdity and went on our way. I think we are both tiring of the trip at this point. There was another Outy's shop in Quinglong (SLurl) but not much else, so keeping our pace wasn't a problem until we came across a nice Scottish parkland at the Institute of Cyberculture Studies in Elvarg (SLurl). There was lots of pretty, but the greenhouses were empty. I wonder if they need a pixy gardner? The whole region, apparently controlled by the Institute, is very attractive and pleasant, but totally devoid of students. I was hoping to meet some people so I could hear more of the Scot's dialect so I could better understand my friend, Kerrie. She's from Scotland and she's hard to understand sometimes.

Reluctantly we left the Institute and moved into the vast empty that is the Xenosaur region, but at least we did get to speak to some actual people. One was half-naked and dressed like a pony but both ladies were pleasant. We didn't stay long as Shelly was eager to get moving, so on we went. The landscape was so bleak that we almost turned East on another Route 10 (SLurl) to checkout the beaches but I reminded Shelly that our goal was to follow Route 9 all the way. Good thing I coaxed her back to our intended route because we came across a beautiful magical forest in Smaug (SLurl). Shelly and I romped in the fields of flowers, played Tag with the deer, talked to the fairies and mermaids, and fell asleep in the castle. What a great ending to the day!!

Sunset on the elve's castle. A very lovely spot.

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