Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heads Up Items!

Heads Up #1
If you haven't been following Honour McMillian's blog then you've missed some extraordinary sights in Second Life, particularly those in her last several posts. If I don't write anything else for my blog today it is because I'm catching up on visiting her recommendations.

Heads Up #2
I've started a group for anyone who loves the Linden Moles: LDPW Mole Fan Club (click here). As a long-time resident of the Mainland and explorer through all of Second Life, I've come to appreciate the talents and hard work of the Moles, that dedicated workforce behind SL's infrastructure and some interesting special attractions. The Premium Wilderness regions are something to see, really and I'd like to see its detractors do better than the Moles have. Feel free to join the group and make suggestions. If I can get anyone other than alts and family to join maybe we can organize trips or at least use it to share information about SL's most beloved builder-critters and the fine works they do. Hit me up in-world for a membership if you don't like following links.

Heads Up #3
Michael Linden is the Head Mole, of course, and I'm going to "out" his personal home, exclusively to you right here right now:

Facing North from the sea. Michael has a lot of airplanes and boats.
All shots taken with the "Magic Hour" Windlight setting with Default water.

The house itself is pretty empty, but there are quite a few seats outside all over the property.

Well-manicured picnic area, but would you expect less from the hand who commands Moles?

The small pool is more for show but the 19 prim cooler does offer beer, Coca Mola, and Lindeade.

The Southern end of the property is also very pretty despite the lack of a view.

To the North is the Zebrasil Infohub (SLurl) and a volcano on Ichelus (SLurl). Be careful as the eruptions may kill you should you stand in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Watching the volcano at sunset from the Zebrasil Infohub. Eruptions are hourly, or thereabouts.

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