Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zyx's Road Trip: Day Eight

Zyx Flux and her trusty pack snail Shelly finished their trip today, having traveled the length of Route 9 on the mainland. Here's her report:

Looking down the hill to the inland sea.
I woke up today to find Shelly snoozing next to me, her gear all polished and ready. Apparently she got in early, early this morning and decided to let me sleep in for a bit. After I awoke we shared a brief breakfast as I showed her on the map how close we were to home. The big decision was to stick to the road and go under the small sea via a tunnel or try to hire a boat (flying her the whole way would be more than my little wings could handle. Arriving at the water's edge, we couldn't find a boat, so the tunnel it was. At least we could say we stayed on the road the whole way around Route 9.

We left the tunnel and found ourselves in Dongyeonju (Slurl) not far from where we started our journey about a week earlier and a little disappointed that we didn't see any fierce fishes through the tunnel's glass walls. Well, we did see a bit of sea junk, or whatever you wanted to call it. But at the exit (or entrance, if you were traveling the other direction) is a loaner car you can drive — just sit in it and go.

We saw some sort of junk through the glass wall of the tunnel, but no big fishes or sunken treasures or sea monsters or anything really interesting at all. Trying to find a boat might have been a better idea.
But just 2 minutes later we got back to where we started (SLurl) and could see home from the road. Since it was a short distance I picked up Shelly and flew her the few hundred meters to home (SLurl) and we collapsed in the grass near a new-looking pond that Uccello or her brother (the land owners) must have built while we were away.

Collapsed by a little pond, Shelly and I relaxed and chatted about the trip. I live on land owned by Uccello (this blog's owner) and her RL/SL brother, CC Columbo. I'm told that this is the first plot of land that CC owned (or darn close to it) when he first came to Second Life. At one time they owned most of the Nangrim region. Now it is my home, too.

I had to pay respects to the pixy statue at the pond on the Memorial Park side of the property. She represents the real life daughter of CC's, Lydia Rose, who passed away at the age of two. The park is for her. The tree house is where Uccello lives. I'm not sure where CC lives. Lately he's a Komodo dragon or a tortoise and hangs out in the pond.

One of my jobs at the Memorial park is to make sure the candle for Lydia Rose stays lit.
Everyone is welcome to visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

During our trip, Shelly and I received fairly regular dragonfly messengers with news from friends about things they have found around the mainland. As mentioned in my previous report, big purple crystals have been found on other roads so maybe Shelly and I will try to catalog those. Or maybe we'll try to find more greenhouses. There may not always be something interesting to see on the Second Life roadways, but this was a great trip over all and I might have to do another one. Hugz to all my readers!

Zyx and Shelly

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Editor's Note: I've had a lot of fun with these last nine posts, writing as Zyx. It's a fairly open secret that Zyx Flux (and Zyx Resident, for that matter) is my alt — probably my favorite, too.

When I first came to the Main Grid from the Teen Grid I moved into a little 16m2 piece of land my brother had set aside inside his 1536m2 land in Nangrim so early on I learned to enjoy the amazingly diverse absurdity we call mainland. Route 9 didn't exist and that little inland sea shown in this post was a bay into the open sea as that those regions were the edge of the world (at one time Nangrim was the edge).

Eventually, my brother and I came to own most of the Nangrim region. When a casino later opened and kept the sim so full I could only access my parcels from the border with Dongyeongju we sold everything at an enormous cost to the casino and went "homeless" for a while. Two days after the sale, the gambling ban was implemented and the casino had to close, selling all the land at a huge loss. A few years later, after having various parcels in other regions and trying the wonderful Linden Homes, my brother found that a 512m2 parcel upon which I had a treehouse in Nangrim back in the day was for sale so we abandoned our Linden homes, bought that lot, had the Lindens sell us some adjacent abandoned land, and we've been "home" ever since. CC has acquired more land, for some reason (honestly, we can't afford the monthly on even the low cost of mainland, but somehow we do it) and CC's intent to have a Memorial Park for my niece has been fulfilled.

And wee Zyx has a home with butterflies, flowers gone wild, and a big pixy born of love and wishes to look up to every day.

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