Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yclept's Last Day

Since I don't really need another alt, I decided to let Yclept Resident, an alt I created to visit the new Destination Islands (Web) off into the sunset and cancel the account, but I let her loose to play for about an hour first. Here is her "last day" in pictures.

After hitting the Home button a few times, Yclept wound up in the midst of a Griefer Attack in the Hellfell Infohub (SLurl). This portion was mild but at one point the particles spanned the whole region with images of the Microsoft Blue Screen of Death, FOXnews screen caps, and more. Hellfell is a very empty and dull Infohub, but it is near a road.
Not far from the Infohub is a Linden-owned beach with some sort of camp built by airplane crash survivors. I wonder how long it took the downed flyers to notice all the near by buildings.
Yclept finally found some shade at this Mole-made beach. Darkness is important for vampires but so is excitement. Out of boredom, Yclept left and headed to the road.
The same Linden scuba gear you can grab at the Premium Wilderness regions is at Route 7's southern terminus. No idea why as there is no sea life in the water, just bare sand. Still ... Freebie!
Contrary to climate, someone built a Winter paradise just off Route 7 and then put up ban lines, contrary to the greeting messages one sees when trying to enter.
It appears that Route 7 ends after just 10 minutes (or less) flying time and about five regions. But if you look beyond the barriers, there is a free boat rezzer and a stretch of water to sail.
Someone didn't tell the horrible, laggy cars that Route 7 becomes a waterway at this point. This one smoked it's tires trying to get up onto the dock, blocking Yclept along the way. As she sailed along, waiting for sunset, more vehicles fought with Yclept to control the sea lanes. Eventually the road returns in the Sunspiral sim (SLurl) and that is where Yclept logged out before I cancelled her account. I kinda miss her.

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