Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pay Ben Linden (!?!)

Look what I found in the Balance region (SLurl), a Linden-owned vehicle sandbox:

Maybe this is a test build, especially since it is in a sandbox. And maybe it refunds any monies paid, though I haven't tried it to see if that might be true. But paying a Linden for content? Besides, there are nicer motorcycles for less money available, including some on the SL Marketplace. Quickly found is a full-perms "street racer" for L$19 (click here) plus quite a few L$10 bikes and choppers from Black Widow Motors (click here).

For my use today, I grabbed at L$10 Bug Mobile from the near by Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot and Rezzing Area (SLurl), a Linden-owned parcel where in-world creators can market their wares, like the Bug Mobile (see below), cars, planes, boats, and the motorcycles priced from L$50 for a basic sculpty model and on up to spendy, very nice ones.

Later I popped over to the race track in the Georgean region (SLurl) and grabbed a free Linden Mole-made hoverboard. Remember, the Moles love you.

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